vomit #1

so there’s a lot i wanna talk about on here or just more like unload or vomit as i like to say, but right now whats on my mind is my parents and figuring out if they’re actually emotionally abusive/ toxic, as it makes so much fucking sense but I’ve never actually thought of it before till my counsellor mentioned it in my session last week. she told me to think about and write down everything i notice that they do/ say to me that suggests them being emotionally abusive/ toxic and the more i think about it and the more i now understand what is actually happening, the more i’m now noticing just how fucked up they are and all the shit that they do that i just buried deep down and didn’t think about but now that it actually has a name to it and can link to things its actually really fucking shocking and upsetting. its not like i didn’t notice it before because of course i did like otherwise we wouldn’t even be in this situation, its just that i never truly saw just how bad it all really was…and now i don’t know what to do till Friday when my next session is because no one else knows about this and what to do in general..like fuck.


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