vomit #9

okay so i’m just really confuzzled about my gender..like i know it takes time to figure theses things out and learn about yourself my i just don’t feel.. happy with where i’m at right now and i’m just way too confused, like I’ve lowkey identified as non-binary for a little bit but not really many people know about that..and especially where i live..like in the middle of butt fuck nowhere small country town god dammit, there is just no one like that..openly at least. and im getting tons of dysphoria right now especially with my chest and i’m wanting a binder but i cant buy online, and i’m thinking of top surgery when i’m older but thats so..like final and definite and jeez..and to even come out..and my name doesn’t even feel like my name anymore..fuuck i just want to be a fairy boy why is this so hard 😥


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