vomit #27

realising a bunch of my nightmare are true and uncovering some suppressed memories has me so flipped up enough that i can actually fucking feel again. i feel like someone has just fucking stabbed my in my heart repeatedly then asked me to take a photo with them and hide the blood and pain so […]

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vomit #26

stop acting like you care, if you cared you wouldn’t have done this to me. i hate that i cant hate you, it kills me that i cant not be nice to you. i actually still care about your fucking feelings no matter how fucked up you’ve made mine. WHY DO I STILL CARE ABOUT […]

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vomit #25

fuck you for making me feel like i am nothing, worthless a waste of space until i’m fucking convenient to you again. FUCK YOU

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vomit #24

i never loved you, you forced me to say it every night and guilted me/ made me feel so terrible if i didn’t.. my needs never matted no matter how much i complained it was just fucking noise to you. i always had to sleep on floors and sofas and got the shortest straw without […]

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vomit #22

i cant even stand to talk to you or listen to you or even look at you anymore you make me feel so fucking shitty and angry and i have to fucking live with you and see you every fucking day and out up with the same shit as if i don’t know that its […]

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vomit #21

who’d have thought a god damn table would be the setting of pain and fear..family meals..my god…the fucking table is a god damn war zone..no matter what you do, how tactical you are, even if you follow all the rules you walk away wounded and feeling like shit. you cant ever win

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