vomit #19

They know. They hurt you and they know it and they will swear with tears in the corners of their eyes that you hurt them, that they meant well, that you’re cruel for pointing out how their actions hurt your feelings. they want you to blame yourself

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vomit #18

i hate it when you’re nice to me, i hate it even more then when you’re being abusive because it makes me feel all my anger and hate are awful things for me to feel towards you, i get so confused and more nervous and upset about it..how fucking dare you act and pretend to […]

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vomit #16

i’m nothing. nothing is actually mine. i’m just fucking owned by you. i’m not even allowed to be my own god damn person. privacy and boundaries have never fucking existed with you.  

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vomit #15

i don’t even know whats real anymore..whats genuine or something she made me believe and think and feel..whats my actual own fucking feelings what do i think? fuck me fuck fuck what the fuck. whats real

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vomit #14

for fuck sake of course we just cant keep our own fucking shit to ourselves now we’ve gone and fucking concerned someone for fuck sake why do we fucking do that fuck

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vomit #13

how the fuck could you do this to me, what the fuck. why would you do this to me. what did i do to make you hate me so much to treat me this way. its fucking sick and disgusting

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