vomit #50

how can so many people hurt each other so blindly Advertisements

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vomit #49

I don’t feel safe. but I’m not running scared of this bullshit anymore I’m prepared to fight this fuckery    

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vomit #48

fuck this I’m mad as hell now. i don’t give a shit who knows. I’m wearing my feelings and screaming from the roof tops. fuck you. I’m allowed to be angry I’m a human being with fucking emotions not just the ones that are convenient to you. I’m not scared into silence anymore I’m fucking […]

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vomit #47

had a dream last night that my dealer came to my house and gave a huge baggie filled with big rainbow drop edibles..but you had to use them like how the bad guy from wonder woman took his making-him-stronger stuff..like like break it in half..smell the weedy smell then eat them a few at the […]

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vomit #46

okay so the way im feeling right now i just wanna go hug trees and maybe im a tree hugger and thats okay. make life what you want it ya know. Advertisements

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vomit #45

its too exhausting living like this. everyday i’m just trying to get through and do this right thing but i always seem to be wrong. i cant take feeling this heavy all the time i don’t know how to make things better. I’ve been looking for a way out for years and i’m still fucking […]

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vomit #44

im still alive… i dont know why Advertisements

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