vomit #37

i cant stop thinking about it. seeing it, feeling it. why didn’t i stop him. i feel wrong. gross. used. and i didn’t stop him.

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vomit #34

i never had a childhood..no time spent stress free and careless, even if i did i can’t remember, I’ve been so lonely and felt no love from those supposed to provide it the most that my life seemed empty and lost, it is only now that i realise this, i could spend my time yearning […]

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vomit #33

i’ve been scared my whole life..it was always there either overwhelming or underlying but always there..and i never realised until one day it finally wasn’t..and thats when i realised how bad things were and i went right back to scared again.. you dont realise how bad things were till you get something good. and then […]

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vomit #32

what i’m feeling is real, its real, its real, its real. i’m trying to stick to my feelings when i actually feel them, after being gaslighted for so long i don’t know what are actually my real feelings or just something i was made to think/feel. this is real. no matter what they say to […]

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