vomit #52

you fucking tell me ‘i hate the person you’ve become‘ BITCH PLEASE. YOU MADE ME IN TO THIS. you’re scared, you know you cant use and control me anymore. i’m not an oblivious scared child anymore, not your fucking punching bag. i’m fighting back, and you never saw that coming now did you. FUCK YOU! YOU […]

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vomit #51

Keep getting theses thoughts in my head, telling me I’m better off dead. screaming in my mind that I’m no good alive. they use to make me feel like dying but now they’re keeping me alive,  I’m not here for long i may as well have some fucking fun, make some memories, break some hearts […]

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vomit #48

fuck this I’m mad as hell now. i don’t give a shit who knows. I’m wearing my feelings and screaming from the roof tops. fuck you. I’m allowed to be angry I’m a human being with fucking emotions not just the ones that are convenient to you. I’m not scared into silence anymore I’m fucking […]

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vomit #47

had a dream last night that my dealer came to my house and gave a huge baggie filled with big rainbow drop edibles..but you had to use them like how the bad guy from wonder woman took his making-him-stronger stuff..like like break it in half..smell the weedy smell then eat them a few at the […]

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