vomit #57

i never planned a future, i always figured i’d be dead by now. i guess I’ve kinda screwed myself, though i still feel i’ll be dead soon…so it doesn’t matter Advertisements

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vomit #56

after the first few minutes of my life, i’m told, i died. then through the work of doctors or the will of the universe, i came back around and i’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out if that was a blessing or a curse.

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vomit #55

‘In a world that has decided that it’s going to lose its mind Be more kind, my friends, try to be more kind’ Advertisements

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vomit #54

‘everyone likes holding the leash to their life in their own hand’ self destruction is a complex thing but i think its about control and bending boundaries and idk hating yourself or grounding yourself to a new low.. or maybe its different for everyone Advertisements

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vomit #53

how do you always manage to make me feel like shit Advertisements

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vomit #52

you fucking tell me ‘i hate the person you’ve become‘ BITCH PLEASE. YOU MADE ME IN TO THIS. you’re scared, you know you cant use and control me anymore. i’m not an oblivious scared child anymore, not your fucking punching bag. i’m fighting back, and you never saw that coming now did you. FUCK YOU! YOU […]

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vomit #51

Keep getting theses thoughts in my head, telling me I’m better off dead. screaming in my mind that I’m no good alive. they use to make me feel like dying but now they’re keeping me alive,  I’m not here for long i may as well have some fucking fun, make some memories, break some hearts […]

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