vomit #43

so we had probably one of the most ‘beautifully tragic’ conversations tonight, walking the middle of the road. 3 am in the ghost hours of our small town, talking mainly of past and in metaphors it made me feel understood and so lost at the same time. you know some of my pain but not […]

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vomit #42

i home myself in with everything around me so i can leave as quickly as possible. to make it seem like i don’t live there or exist, so i’m never in the way or an  inconvenience. i cant do anything wrong if i’m never there  

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vomit #41

screw you you sat down just so i’d notice you and you could start something you then distract me from my work to make me feel bad about doing something that will make me happy instead of the thing that you want me to do even though i’ll still do that just after doing the […]

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vomit #37

i cant stop thinking about it. seeing it, feeling it. why didn’t i stop him. i feel wrong. gross. used. and i didn’t stop him.

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