vomit #66

kinda fucks me how ‘i took a pill in Ibiza’ is a club song..if you listen to the actual lyrics without the club bass shit..its super sad and broken

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vomit #65

i’ve come to realise, music is the purest thing there is in this world. pure, raw, emotion put behind sweet melodies to fully capture the feelings. kinda flipping beautiful …

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vomit #64

im just trying to do me best i can, so i can feel my best self. i did not ask for your fucking opinion, i dont care if people think im crazy or stupid or reckless or wasting my life or whatever my goal here is to be be happy. just cuz its not the […]

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vomit #62

thing not to do when trans (and pretty fucking stoned)’; go on to your old facebook/ instagram..it’ll fuck you up gooood..i mean the level of dysphoria and anxiety..you’ll be in bed for days. then, you kind of realise some people still see you as that and it fucks you up more..as thats so cleeearly¬† not […]

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vomit #61

i hate people feeling sorry for me, makes me feel like my life is pretty shitty when i don’t usually think of it that way. i know they’re just trying to be nice or whatever but it makes me worse…

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